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“Dear friends,

Earlier this week, Joe and I received our sample ballots in the mail. Our eyes both went right to the "empty" spot for Democratic Sussex County, New Jersey Freeholder. Nobody, regardless of party or ideology, should ever run unopposed. So, after some discussion with family and friends, I’m giving this a shot.

Our American Dream is not what we see on cable news every night - the American Dream is what happens on our street, in our neighborhood, in our town, in our county. The American Dream is the education our kids have, the trade they master, the clean soil and water we leave them. National politics will not fix our roads or keep tuition affordable. Local representatives can.

We can hold politicians accountable by supporting them when they work for all of us, and letting them know opposition exists when they do not.

It's not "Liberal" vs "Conservative," it's Neighbors before Labels.”

Patrick Curreri is married and a dad to twin 7-year-olds, and relationship manager of the family appraisal business. Before devoting his work full time to this, Patrick earned a BA in Psychology from Montclair State University. He later spent several years as a Senior Associate with Towers Watson managing a team of HR professionals.

Preserving our natural resources in Sussex County, to be enjoyed by our own children, our neighbors, and visiting sportsmen and women, has become a passion over the last five years. Recently, Patrick has been working with his neighbors to keep the 70 square miles of his hometown, Vernon, New Jersey free from illegal dumping.

Patrick enjoys coaching soccer and playing basketball with his boys. In his free time, you can find him reading a book, working around the house, or with a fishing pole in hand.



Hello friends,

Howard Zatkowsky has been a resident of Sussex County, New Jersey since 2002 when he and his wife (Suzanne) moved from Piscataway, New Jersey NJ.


His professional career included 27 years with IBM, Sperry Univac, and AT&T.  His career progressed from administration to sales and sales management.  He has had responsibility for managing organizations with revenue responsibility greater than $200 million a year and is proud say that he met budget and sales objectives consistently.


He also had the opportunity to manage a group that created joint ventures and strategic partnerships. In 1995, he took advantage of an enhanced retirement offer from AT&T and set out on his own. For several years he had a business focused on recycling used technology equipment. In 1999, he anticipated that Y2K would lead to a decline in the value of used equipment, so he started a warehouse service business specializing in reverse logistics from 1999 to 2009. Since then he has been working as a Notary Signing Agent.

Howard feels strongly that Sussex County is the most beautiful part of New Jersey and that there are real opportunities to be explored that can help maintain its beauty and provide real economic opportunity for its residents. Drawing on lessons learned during his business career, he believes that it possible to stimulate business growth without sacrificing our environment. A strong believer in public education, he will be committed to provide strong support for the Sussex County Community College and Technical School so that students of these institutions are given the best chance possible to launch successful careers.

Howard would like to develop public forums to share issues and possible solutions that complement the goals of the citizens of Sussex County.  He truly believes that it serves little purpose if new ideas are implemented in a vacuum.

Howard has been married to Suzanne (nee Jakositz) for almost 49 years.  They are the proud parents of one daughter (and a son-in-law) and 12-year-old granddaughter. Zatkowsky has a B.A. in History from Windham College, VT.  His concept of a cultural event is a round of golf.

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