We mean business - in the best way!  We are running to make a difference in the greatest county in New Jersey - our home - Sussex County!
The status quo is no longer acceptable.  Our voices have not been heard, and for decades, the blight of those impacted is being felt in an ever-changing economy.  We bring true leadership and a caring for our neighbors.  We believe that our farmers have fed and raised the entire county of Sussex for decades, and now it’s our turn to have both a voice and a seat at the table. We appreciate your support, and look forward to earning the honor of your vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Please feel free to email, message, or call us with any questions you may have. Your voice matters.  Step one of many positive changes we will bring as your elected Freeholders.
We Support Cutting Taxes and Clawing Back our Federal Tax Dollars

Last December, Rep. Gottheimer introduced a Jersey Tax Cut Plan to restore the value of the State and Local Tax Deduction (SALT). This plan gives New Jersey taxpayers a tax cut by allowing them to donate to new charitable funds set up by their towns. In just four months, Democrats and Republicans came together to pass the plan and it was signed into law. They are now working to make sure this plan – which is supported by our nation’s tax scholars and consistent with legal precedent and IRS rulings – can be quickly implemented in our towns to provide much needed tax relief.

We support this Jersey Tax Cut Plan. That’s $290 per family to help our towns lower their property taxes, fix our infrastructure, protect our students in their schools, respond quickly to storms, and provide essential equipment our first responders need to fight crime and terror.

There’s nothing partisan about getting our families a better return on their investment. Whether it’s cutting taxes or clawing back our hard-earned money, we will fight to ensure that every funding avenue is explored before going back to the taxpayer, not after.

We Support Sussex County Education

We support the mission to transform lives by providing lifelong learning opportunities through high quality academic, career and enrichment programs in an accessible and supportive environment to ensure student success.


We support increased investment in educational infrastructure, skilled trades, and professional certificate programs, including clawing back Sussex County tax dollars to be used in our own county.

We Support Bringing New Businesses and Jobs to Our County

Here in North Jersey, we have some of the best schools and brightest minds who call our communities home. Many of the top life science companies are based in our state and we have some of the fastest broadband in the country – yet we are limited in Sussex County.  The question is: How can we develop and maximize these assets to create good-paying jobs and strengthen our economy- while maintaining the natural resources of our county?

Together can draw, keep and expand businesses in Sussex County, lower taxes, cut red tape, and eliminate outdated, burdensome regulations.We also need to explore federal grant opportunities  to fix our transit, roads, bridges, and infrastructure to boost economic growth. Ultimately, harnessing our potential is about creating the conditions where innovative businesses can thrive and stay here to create good-paying jobs for our residents.  Whether investing in hydroponics for the crops of the future, or securing resources for existing businesses, we need a laser focus on these development opportunities.

We have a community that fed and raised a County - our local farming families.  It's time to give the remaining farmers a seat on the Economic Development Advisory Council.  Who better to guide our development into the future, than those that built our county from it's roots? 

We Support Standing Strong Against Terror, Standing by Our Veterans, County Law Enforcement, and First Responders

In New Jersey, we know all too well about the threat of homegrown, Lone-Wolf terror, and that we must always be vigilant at home and in the war on terror – against ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and other terrorist groups around the world. We need to make certain our cops, first responders, and military have the tools they need to protect our families and to prevent terrorists from following through on their threats, both foreign and domestic.


There is no room for compromise against terror and Americans must present in a united front, coming together as Democrats and Republicans, for our national security. We owe that to all Americans and to the brave men and women, who have risked their lives to protect our freedoms.

We will always have the backs of the brave law enforcement men & women that keep our families safe across Sussex County. 



We are committed to helping Sussex County veterans cut through the red tape and bureaucratic hurdles whether it relates to their benefits, health care, or overdue benefits.  We will find ways to make it easier for these courageous men and women to get care in the County, including raising awareness of VA benefits right here in Sussex County.

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